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An archive of wartime aerial propaganda leaflets from the First World War to the present day.

WWI: Death awaits

This British leaflet was dropped by balloons over the German trenches of the Western Front. It promises the death of Germany.

WWI: Tipping the balance

Another British leaflet from 1918 announcing the arrival of the first one million American soldiers in France.

WWII: Divide and conquer

This 1940 German fold-up pamphlet blames Britain for all the trouble coming to French soldiers.

WWII: Good against evil

Gestapo savages rampaging across Occupied Europe.

WWII: Quoting enemy leaders

A quote from Adolf Hitler, "I feel so fresh now the spring has come," illustrated with a montage of frozen corpses of German soldiers who died in the bitter winter cold of the Russian front.

WWII: Retribution

WWII: Boot out the Dictators

WWII: Morale bombing

WWII: Uneasy alliances

WWII: Resistance

WWII: Safe Conduct Pass

WWII: Material Superiority

WWII: Carrot and the stick

WWII: Insurmountable odds

WWII: War of attrition

World War II: Passierschein

WWII: Spilling of blood

WWII: poor planning

WWII: Destruction of the homeland

Malayan Emergency: A model fighter?

Korean War: Proxy war

Korean War: The spectre of Communism

The Suez Crisis: Mocking the leadership

Vietnam: Chieu Hoi

Falklands: Island of the Condemned

Operation Desert Storm: The people's burden

BiH: Mine awareness campaign

Operation Allied Force: Desertion appeal

The threatening message on this NATO leaflet tells Serbian forces: "Don't wait for me!" Serbian troops are ordered to stop committing atrocities but instead to desert their unit and to leave Kosovo immediately, else face certain death from relentless NATO attacks.

Afghanistan: The end is nigh

A short, simple message on this US leaflet dropped in Afghanistan, "The Taliban reign of fear is about to end!"

Leaflet Archive

Random PSYOP leaflet - One of your comrades has been killed in this area

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10 December 2012
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G.H.Q. I. Propaganda Leaflets, 1915-1918

British leaflets produced by General Headquarters in France for German troops on the Western front.

MI7(b)4 A.P. Series Propaganda Leaflets, 1918

British balloon distributed propaganda leaflets for German troops on the Western front.

Crewe House Propaganda Leaflets 1918

On Crewe House taking over the production of the "A.P." series, the code numbers were discontinued and the leaflets were numbered "1" onwards. A second series of "Priority leaflets" were also produced beginning with the code number "1001".


USA to Germany (Office of War Information)
Allies to the Netherlands
Britain to the Channel Islands (Department EH, SOE, & Politcal Warfare Executive)



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