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Random PSYOP leaflet - News for the Troops, No. 337, 19 March 1945


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Summary of Radio Caledonia broadcast, 26 August 1940

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Radio Caledonia was a clandestine Nazi radio station broadcasting to Britain and operated by the Büro Concordia. The only speaker and main writer was Scottish-Fascist Donald Alexander Fraser Grant. The station attacked the British establishment and fomented Scottish Nationalism. After the war Grant was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for aiding the enemy. Of all the convicted British renegades this was the shortest prison sentence imposed.

Here is a summary of the Radio Caledonia broadcast on 26 August 1940.

Neutral correspondents in Britain are complaining about the Censor. Names of Harbours, docks and railways are cut out by the authorities. Newspapers and BBC News Bulletins are severely censored. But there are occasions when correspondents do get the truth into the newspapers.

It is reported that the British Government has asked American newspapers not to publish news of the very desperate situation in which we are now. The general opinion in America is that the position is hopeless and that it's too late for America to come to our aid.

The papers and the BBC only publish what Churchill wants to be known.

If people knew the truth about our defences, they would realise what a fool's paradise we are living in to hope to win the war. If the truth were known the war would not last another day.

During the last few weeks and the last few days terrible damage has been done - Ramsgate: wrecking of gas works and aerodromes. We are only told a faction of what goes on. Some areas are receiving continuous air attacks. A.A. Defences are suffering from too much work.

Our efforts must be increased to acquaint people with the facts, to save our country from utter destruction.

This war is the result of capitalism - we have known nothing but unemployment, hardship and poverty from capitalism. The English will not allow their country to be destroyed. We can and will save our native land by getting a separate peace for Scotland.

[Broadcast transcribed by]



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