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Random PSYOP leaflet - New Path News, Issue 77, 31 July 1957


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Clandestine Radio Stations Broadcasting to the Middle East, 1956-1958

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An overview of clandestine radio stations broadcasting to the Middle East, divided between those taking a pro and anti-Nasser line. The notes were compiled by the Information Research Department in 1958.




(i) Active:

“Voice of Free Africa”. First heard in April, 1957. Still broadcasting in October, 1958. Thought to be located in Cairo, but claims to be somewhere in Africa. Addresses itself exclusively to Africans, engendering racial hatred and inciting them to rebel against “colonialists”.

“Voice of Kurdistan”. First heard on June 7, 1958. Broadcasts in Kurdish. Before fall of the Iraqi monarchy it attacked the Iraqi Government and called upon Kurdish leaders to form an independent state.

“Radio Free and Fighting Algeria”. First heard on December 18, 1956. Sometimes called itself the “Voice of the FLN and the Army.” Claims to speak “from the heart of Algeria”, but is thought to be located in Albania. Supports FLN, attacks the French and emphasises Egyptian support for the Algerian rebellion.

(ii) Defunct:

“Voice of Free Jordanian People” (Jordanian People’s Radio). First heard on July 21, 1958. Last heard on October 24. Claimed to be operating from Jordan, but was believed to be run by Jordanian exiles and was located in Damascus. Took a strongly anti-West and anti-Hussein line.

“Voice of Iraq” (A). Broadcast from April 26, 1958 to July 23. Claimed to be broadcasting from “Somewhere in Iraq”, but was reported to come from Cairo. Programmes were very violent, anti-Nuri al-Said, anti-“imperialist” and anti-Hashemite.

“Voice of Free Lebanon”. Heard on the air from May 16, 1958 to October 20. Claimed to transmit from inside Lebanon, but was located in Damascus. Tone was violently anti-Chamoun and during the disturbances in the Lebanon it called for the overthrow of his Government and hailed rebel successes.

“Voice of the People”. Heard from July 28, 1958 to September 22. Location in Iraq. Made violent attacks on the Lebanese Government and also attacked the Jordanian Government and the West. Followed a more openly pro-Nasser policy than the other clandestine stations.

“Voice of Arabism”. Reported on June 26, 1958 to be broadcasting from inside Lebanon. Lebanese rebel station, mouthpiece of the Najjade Party under Adnan al-Hakim, until it was taken over on September 1 by Saeb Sallam’s supporters.

“Voice of Arab Nationalism”. Heard broadcasting on September 12 and believed to be still broadcasting on September 23. Anti-Chamoun station.

“Voice of Revolution”. Reported to be broadcasting on August 26, and believed to have been suspended with effect from September 5. Claimed to be the organ of the Popular Resistance in Beirut.

“The Torch”. Reported on June 24, 1958 to be broadcasting from rebel HQ in Beirut. Believed to have been suspended with effect from September 5.



(i) Active:

“Voice of Free Egypt”. Opened on July 27, 1956. Run by Mahmud Abul Fath, until his death in August 1958, and his brother Ahmed Abul Fath. Station is anti-Nasser and anti-Zionist.

“Voice of Reform”. Opened on December 1, 1957. Claimed to be run by “free Syrians” transmitting from Syria. Tone is anti-Communist and anti-Syrian Government.

“Algerian Renaissance Movement Radio”. First heard on May 3, 1957. Anti-FLN.

(ii) Defunct:

“Voice of Iraq” (B). Heard on the air from July 21-30 1958. Anti-new Iraq regime, anti-Communist and anti-Nasser.

“Voice of Justice”. Broadcast from September 28, 1956 to June 30, 1958. Anti-Nasser station which broadcast in Arabic for Egypt.

“Voice of the Lebanon”. Heard from July 21, 1958 until October 15. Anti-UAR, pro-Chamoun and pro-US.

[Source: TNA FO 1110/1067, transcribed by]



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