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Random PSYOP leaflet - The Other Side, No. 2


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Research Unit M.1 – “Magyar Nemzet Radroha” (Hungarian Nation’s Radio): Object, Method and Effect

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This Political Warfare Executive report is an appraisal of the object, method and effect of the clandestine radio station known as M.1 – “Magyar Nemzet Radroha” (Hungarian Nation’s Radio), broadcasting to Hungary.


To split Hungary from Germany and to diminish all military, economic and political aid to Germany.

The general line is to encourage a strong union of all the various differing oppositional factions; to encourage action by that union, or alternatively to exert pressure upon the regime to act.

It is addressed to oppositional factions, and middle class intellectuals, particularly the literary journalist class which led the 1848 rising. Its actual audience is assumed to be wider, extending through the middle class generally, to the governing class.


Broadcasts take the form of a cycle of 8 transmissions (of which 2 are repeats) on Sundays only. This method was chosen; because it was distinctive; because it ensured short term repetition, reaching a wider audience in a shorter time; and because of suitability to our particular audience.

The station started under “cover” of identity with the leading opposition paper Magyar Nemzet: more recently it has identified itself with an already developing union in the opposition, i.e. the workers, peasants and intellectuals.

Writer and voice are separate persons.

The scripts are written by one man to preserve the somewhat political line which is our vehicle for rumours. All transmissions are from records to ensure the best rendering in advance; in any case, eight live transmissions at short intervals is too much for one voice.

Presentation is varied. Four transmissions take the form of talks. Two comprise a series of items in question form – an attempt to get our audience to do our propaganda in their own heads. A frank “rumour” talk is also given.

Rumours are coordinated with Roumania, Balkan and German stations by techniques of denial, variation, subsequent reporting, etc. Leaflet facilities are extremely limited.


Reception has been confirmed from Hungary, Middle East, Istanbul, USA.

Reactions range from indirect advertisement in the Magyar Nemzet, to the sudden dropping of a naziphile weekly speaker from Budapest radio, immediately following our attack upon him. It is believed we were also responsible three weeks ago for the stopping of a nightly broadcast prayer for troops at the front. An inflation campaign was followed by “economic hysteria”.

Reaction to technique was received from SOE Middle East which reported that the station presence inside Hungary was proved by its quotation of the morning papers of 8th November.


[Source: TNA FO 898/51, transcribed by]



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