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Research Unit P.2: Object, Method and Effect

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This Political Warfare Executive report is an appraisal of the object, method and effect of the clandestine radio station known as P.2, broadcasting to Occupied Poland.


The objects of P.2 will be: To encourage and stimulate organised resistance against Germany and to stiffen the intransigent attitude of the nation, to discourage spasmodic and unorganised revolt by emphasising the necessity for discipline; to sustain the morale of the Polish population; to attack the morale of all Germans in Poland; to identify completely all women in Poland with the movement of opposition to Germany.

The audience to be aimed at is the clandestine press’s organised listening posts (about half the staff of which are women) and through them the press itself and particularly the women. It should be noted that all liaison officers in the Resistance Movement are women.


The character of P.2 will be non-political and non-official. It will not, except incidentally, be concerned with the purveying of news. It will represent the unofficial voice of the women of Poland. It will be strongly patriotic and Catholic in character, representing total resistance to German as nothing less than a religious crusade.

Its function will be primarily that of exhortation and instruction. P.2 will emphasise the duty of the unity and common loyalty of all Poles in opposition to the invader. Its method will be to emphasise a certain number of propaganda and operational campaigns by constant repetition. These campaigns will be the same as those dealt with by P.1, though from a different angle, and not necessarily the same campaign at the same time. Particular emphasis will be laid on the tasks to be fulfilled by Polish women, and on their duty to encourage and hearten their men folk in their particular tasks. All this will be represented as a religious duty from the Catholic point of view.

The times of broadcasts will be three or four times weekly at 22.30 hours CET. The reason for the choice of hour is that it seemed to be the best of those available.

Two female voices will be used at a time – sometimes, but rarely three. If possible the voices will be of contrasting types in order to avoid monotony.

Broadcasts will be recorded for security reasons.

P.2 will support the general policy of P.1, but entirely and unofficially as the voice of no particular party.


As no broadcasts have yet been given nothing can be said on this point except that there is every reason to believe that through certain clandestine papers for women P.2 will reach a larger female – and through them a male – population than P.1.


[Source: TNA FO 898/51, transcribed by]



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