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Gustav Siegfried Eins Evidence of Reception

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The following is an extract from an article in the September 1942 issue of the American woman's monthly Red Book Magazine. It gives one of the best descriptions of Sefton Delmer's Gustav Siegfried Eins clandestine radio station.


REF: 1/QR/11

(Evidence received in fortnight 15th September to 1st October, 1942)



The following is an extract from an article in the September issue of the “Red Book Magazine”:

There is no doubt but that Gustav Siegfried Eins is the spokesman for a clique of dissatisfied German generals. The opinions of the Chief are exactly what can be expected from an old-school Prussian officer. He is a rabid Nationalist; he hates Russia and England, has no use for the United States or Italy. He is particularly opposed to the Japs, Jews and Catholics. But, and that’s where he parts company with the Nazi broadcasters, above all things, he is against the Gestapo and everything the Gestapo stands for. He refers to Americans as “Yankee-swine”, to the Japs as “stink-Japps”, to the Russians as “pig-Bolsheviks”, to the Italians as “lemon faces” but the special targets of his wrath are Himmler, Ribbentrop, Goebbels, Goering and all the other representatives of the Hitler regime. Interestingly, he prefers to describe the Fuehrer himself as “an ill-advised man.”

His vocabulary and phraseology are those of the Nazi Party, but his mentality is that of a none-too-well-educated professional soldier. A master of abusive language, he specialises in four-letter words. His is what is known to the German soldiers as the “trench and latrine” slang. He has nothing but contempt for the civilians, and his broadcasts are directed to the soldiers at the front. He speaks of the incompetence of the Nazi Party, of the corruption and perversion among its leaders, of the lack of sacrifice among those whom he describes as the “heroes of the hinterland”. He gives names, dates, addresses and detailed descriptions, and never stops repeating that he is for “the underdog” who does the actual fighting.

On one occasion he dedicated his entire broadcast to the escapades of a Japanese diplomat stationed in Berlin, whom he described as “that race-polluting yellow mongrel.” On another occasion he dealt in a similar manner with the “lazy, cowardly, macaroni-munchers” who, according to him, were much more of a hindrance than a help to Germany.

The Chief is credited with numerous scoops. He was the first to mention the rapid spread of the typhoid epidemic among the soldiers at the front last winter. He was likewise the first to name the three SS officers who, according to him, had murdered von Reichenau. The official Nazi version had it that the Field Marshal died from an apoplectic stroke, but the Chief said it was out-and-out murder. He gave exact time, date and place of the fatal meeting between the three SS officers with the Field Marshal. When the Nazi ace flyer, Mölders, met with what Goebbels described as a “fatal accident”, the Chief laughed uproariously and said that, like Reichenau, Mölders was assassinated by the Gestapo.

Erich Koch, Hitler’s viceroy for the Ukraine, is the Chief’s pet aversion. Broadcast after broadcast last winter was dedicated to descriptions of various art treasures allegedly looted by that Nazi administrator in occupied Russia. On March 16, 1942, the Chief played the recording of what he claimed to be a disk taken during a Gestapo inquisition. He gave the names of the Nazi torturers as well as those of their victims.

The article went on to say:

The roster of Freedom Stations in Europe would not be complete without mentioning the Sender der Europäischen Revolution (the radio of the European Revolution). Operated somewhere inside Germany, it sprang into existence over a year ago. Its programme reads as follows: “We battle for a peaceful Europe. We speaks for those condemned to silence. This is the transmitter of all revolutionaries.” In the beginning of its career it possessed a very weak transmitter. It usually came several minutes late on the air, and spent most of the time apologising for the delay. It switches from one to the other when the Nazis attempt to jam it. The Sender der Europäischen Revolution possesses excellent sources of information. It was the only station in Europe to announce the first bombing of Münster and give the exact addresses of all damaged houses and factories. It advised its listeners that the Nazis had built a sham structure across the Hamburg Inner Alster Basin in order to deceive the RAF six weeks before the photographs of those wooden buildings appeared in the British papers.

[Source: TNA FO 898/463, transcribed by]



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