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Operation Huguenot

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Operation Huguenot was a psychological warfare plan intended to instruct German Luftwaffe pilots on how to desert with their aircraft to Britain. The plan was intended not so much to encourage genuine desertions of Luftwaffe personnel but to convince the German authorities to suspect the loyalty of their aircrew and, therefore, to take repressive counter-measures against them.

The idea was originally set out in a memorandum by Sefton Delmer at the end of 1943. But it was not until January 1945 that the details were worked out and submitted to the Chief of the Psychological Warfare Division of Supreme Headquarters for approval. Huguenot was implemented throughout late February and early March, principally through the clandestine radio station Soldatensender West.

Official records from the British National Archives detailing the plan are reproduced below:



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