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Radio Atlantico del Sur
Summary of Programme No. 1, 19 May 1982

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A rough translation/summary of 5 to 7 minutes of the first transmission of Radio Atlantico del Sur, on the evening of Wednesday, 19th May 1982.

STS 194/82



STATION IDENTIFICATION: “971 Radio South Atlantic”, broadcasting from 2000-2300 hours daily on 971 MHz. Announcers: Francisco Marín and José Miguel Antonov(?).


- News

- Current affairs

- Music (requests)

- “Sentimental break” with attractive girl presenter

- What the stars foretell

Music, followed by time check 2005 hrs, Wednesday 19 May, leading straight into



According to reliable reports tonight, efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Falklands conflict are on the verge of breaking down. In spite of continuing efforts by the UK at the United Nations to reach an acceptable settlement, the news is not hopeful. Opinion in the UK tonight is that an all-out attack on the Falklands is imminent. The UN Secretary-General has spoken of the negotiations being in their last hours. The UK has said that the Argentine reply to the latest UK proposals is not favourable.

Latest UK reports indicate that the British “tactical group”(task force) is in a state of readiness. Admiral Woodward has said that he is just waiting for the right moment. Softening-up of the defences has started with bombing by Harriers from “Invincible”. MOD describes this as part of the plan to wear down the garrison. Later in the programme there will be a review of the casualties to date and an assessment of the forces involved.

The attack on Pebble Island was carried out by the SAS, using 12 teams of 4 men each; 11 aircraft were destroyed, as well as a munitions dump. The SAS is an elite force drawn from the British Army, specialising in clandestine military operations. Recruitment is by a rigorous selection process - only 1 in 50 volunteers being selected.

A British hospital ship has put in to Rio de Janeiro, with the permission of the Brazilian authorities, for treatment for a crew member suffering from concussion.

General Galtieri has appeared on Mexican TV. He said he felt the burden of responsibility for the loss of 400 men but would nevertheless be prepared to lose 4,000 or 40,000 more.


Soviet proposals on disarmament (Brezhnev’s speech) and US reactions.

Two Argentine finance companies are in compulsory liquidation after serious irregularities have come to light.

(end of section of tape).

[Source: TNA DEFE 24/2254, transcribed by]



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