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Letter from Adolf Hitler to Sefton Delmer, 30 September 1931

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A personal letter from Adolf Hitler to Sefton Delmer, dated September 1931, declining an invitation to write an article for the Daily Express newspaper on the subject of Britain's current economic crisis. Delmer mentions the letter in his autobiography Trail Sinister, page 143:

"...Hitler knew me quite well by the spring of 1932. I had met and talked with him several times since that first interview in April 1931. I had even on one occasion - in September 1931 - invited Hitler to write an article for us. Britain had gone off the gold standard, the pound was falling, sailors had mutinied at Invergordon, and Beverley Baxter wanted Hitler to expound his views on Britain in this crisis, as part of a series by foreign celebrities all writing on the same topic. What kind of a fee do you think brash young reporter Delmer offered Hitler? Ten guineas! Hitler declined with an elaborately courteous letter [reproduced below].


Letter from Adolf Hitler to Sefton Delmer, 30 September 1931
Letter from Adolf Hitler to Sefton Delmer, 30 September 1931




Munich 2, Briennerstr. 45.

Munich, 30 September 1931

Dear Herr Delmer,

Greatly as I am honoured by your kind invitation that I should express my views concerning the present crisis in Britain, my misgivings about undertaking this task are no less great. I am afraid part of the British public might consider it presumptuous of me, were I as a German to put forward views in a British newspaper which in conformity with my knowledge and my conscience can only be a criticism of political measures and proceedings, approved up to now by a large part of the British people. I hope, however, that out of this crisis a new readiness will grow up in Britain to submit the past twelve years to a reappraisal. I should be happy, if as a result of this [reappraisal] the unhappy war-psychosis could be overcome on such a scale as to permit the realisation of the truly cordial relationship between the British and the German peoples so eagerly desired by myself and my movement. For I believe that the crisis now breaking in on us can only be solved by the closest political collaboration of those nations who see in the re-establishment of a natural European balance of power the first precondition to dealing with those great world problems under which Britain too suffers today.

Once more therefore I beg you to desist from the invitation which so greatly honours me, and I remain

Yours sincerely,

A. Hitler








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