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Information Operations Global 2014 Update

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Author Topic: Information Operations Global 2014 Update  (Read 3355 times)

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Information Operations Global 2014 Update
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:30:08 AM »

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Find out more about the Infomation Operations Global event

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This week we bring you another interesting article entitled "NATO PSYOPS in practice". The article is available for you to download today to read at your convenience.

NATO PSYOPS in practice

As the international community of PSYOPS and influence practitioners prepares to gather at the annual Information Operations Global conference in London, Defence IQ revisits Italian Army Colonel Marco Stoccuto, who has been serving as the PSYOPS Section Head at NATO Joint Forces Command for the past year. Stoccuto updates us on how lessons from Afghanistan and Libya are impacting the way in which the community is strategising its approaches to present and future operations… Download the full article 


Don't forget...
The Information Operations Global event is fast approaching taking place in London between 17-19 June 2014.  The event is the world leading symposium on military communications activities focusing on the core themes at the forefront of every influence professionals mind: providing greater accuracy in analysing target audiences, improving how we measure effectiveness, developing methods for digital outreach and social media engagement, whilst also assisting our overseas partners build their indigenous communications capacity.

Who's attending?
  • US Army
  • US Air Force
  • ISAF
  • Embassy of Ukraine
  • Singapore Ministry of Defence
  • Special Operations Command Europe
  • Special Operations Command Africa
  • NATO Joint Forces Command
  • USMC
  • Swedish Armed Forces
  • JEC
  • US Naval War College
  • Pakistan Air Force
  • FFI
  • Navanti Group
  • Mission Media
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • SOS International LLC
  • Bell Pottinger Communications USA, LLC
  • Amahlo Consulting

Visit the website at or call +44 (0)20 7368 9737 to find out the latest.

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