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Hi! Working on a project

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Author Topic: Hi! Working on a project  (Read 1517 times)

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Hi! Working on a project
« on: July 14, 2016, 12:37:19 PM »

mi name is Damian. First of all, sorry for my english mistakes. I'm from spain, 26 yo, and i'm finishing my last year of Psychology. I'm planning to join on the Spanish Army as military psychologist.

I'm doing a final year work, named "The psychology as a war weapon during the IIWW", in the field of History of the Psychology.The idea is the follow one:

The role of psy in the IIWW has been studied many times, but just in the field of the interventions in benefit of the own army. My goal is to study the use of the psychology , as science, with aplications in detriment of the enemy army.

In this sense, my interest is in the psychology. I mean: since Sun Tzu there has been a lot of "psywar ops", but my interest is to study the psywar ops of the IIWW as prdocut of the science of psychology. For example, studies of social psychology of the persuasion proccedures, etc.

I've used many times this website docs to my work, but I would like you to help me in a simple thing:

How many tipes of psychologist were asigned in the psywar ops units? I've seen, for example, in the EEUU, there was about 450 psychologist working for the war goals in the army. But, how many of em were serving to the psywar ops (in detriment of enemy army, not in benefit of own)?

And: Wich interventions were made in IIWW as psywar ops? Radio - Leaflets - Psychological Torture - ¿? - ¿? - ¿? - ¿?   ?

If you could help me in this way, or in any other, i would be really grateful...

Ty, and gj with this website, love it!



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