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Title: The MoD evokes the spirit of the Chindits in new 77 Brigade
Post by: der Chef on January 31, 2015, 01:31:42 AM
Evoking the spirit of the Second World War ‘Chindits’ special forces, the British Ministry of Defence has established a new 77 Brigade.

The Ministry of Defence says 77 Brigade, formally to be created on 1 April 2015, is responsible for the integration and delivery of all non-lethal and non-military effects on military operations. Specifically it will support "the delivery of Information Operations, including psychological operations and deployed media operations looking at the traditional and unconventional means of shaping behaviours through the use of dynamic narratives. It is also responsible for providing specialist capabilities to integrate the full range of national levers with deployed military operations ranging from reconstruction and humanitarian assistance to support to political, economic and commercial operations and the integration of local forces that can support desired effects. 77 Brigade will play a key part in enabling the UK to fight in the information age."

The Brigade, based in Hermitage, Berkshire, is 42% reservist and is also finding “new ways of allowing civilians with bespoke skills to serve alongside their military counterparts”.
Title: 77 Brigade
Post by: der Chef on January 31, 2015, 01:36:37 AM
Some of today's media reporting on the formation of 77 Brigade:

From the Independent: "Return of the Chindits: MoD reveals cunning defence plan"

Daily Express: "Guerilla force Chindits back to wage cyber war"

BBC News: "Army sets up new brigade 'for information age'"

The Guardian: "British army creates team of Facebook warriors"

Sky News: "Cyber Warfare: Army Creates 'Twitter Troops'"

Al Arabiya News: "British army sets up social media ‘brigade’"

MSN: "British army creates team of Facebook warriors"

The Telegraph: "Army sets up Chindits-style social media unit to 'fight in information age'"

Spiegel: "Neue Strategie der britischen Armee: Für Königin und Vaterland auf Facebook"

Channel Four News: "British Army unveils 'Twitter troops' for social media fight"
Title: Re: 77 Brigade
Post by: der Chef on February 02, 2015, 03:22:16 AM
Ignoring the media's fixation on "Twitter-Troops" and "Facebook Warriors", for more on what 77 Brigade is really about see from page 121 here:

(77 Brigade evolving from the Security Assistance Group)
Title: Re: 77 Brigade
Post by: der Chef on February 14, 2015, 03:03:33 AM
"The new verbal battlespace where 'weaponised words' and information operations meet":