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The RAF Bombs Paris with Banknotes

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On the night of 25/26 April 1942, the Royal Air Force on a mission to Occupied France, dropped not just bombs but a rather more unusual package over Paris. The package contained 600 French Francs and the following message. Its intention was to publicise the radio propaganda broadcasts of Colonel Britton and his 'V' army.

5 French Franc Banknotes


Here are six hundred francs.

They are the gift of an American friend of liberty who wishes the money to be used in any way most needed to forward the interests of the "V" army in its struggle against the Nazis.

This American sent me a cheque for five dollars, saying that in the United States a five-dollar bill is sometimes referred to as a "V". I have changed this into francs, and, with French currency ruined by the Germans, have obtained for you six hundred francs as against the one hundred and seventy six francs which the five dollars would have purchased before the war.

I have asked the Royal Air Force to drop this packet in occupied France where I know that a good friend of liberty and decency may easily be found, and I ask that the finder of this packet shall, to the best of his or her ability, use this small sum of money in the way that the giver has suggested.

It is, I know, difficult for you to communicate with us, but if you can find a way I should be glad to hear that you have received this packet.

In case you are unaware of it, I should like to tell you that I broadcast in English from London every Friday at midnight (Central European Summer Time) on wavelengths: 1500 metres, 373 metres, 285 metres and 261 metres and on short waves on the 49 and 21 metre bands.

London broadcasts daily in French on 373 metres and on the 49 metre band, as well as on other short waves, at 7.15, 12.15, 15.15, 17.15, 19.15, 21.15 and 01.15 (Central European Summer Time). You can also hear all these broadcasts on 1500 metres, except those of 19.15 and 23.15.

Good luck to you.



[Source: TNA AIR 14/718, transcribed by]



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