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Random PSYOP leaflet - Bring in the documents you carry. You will be given a cash reward…


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(Image/s source: Lee Richards)
English Title/Description
Conflict Language/s
World War I German
Production Agency Year Pages Size
War Office 1914 1 23.0 cm x 28.0 cm

Sir Campbell Stuart, K.B.E. in his book "Secrets of Crewe House" states that in October 1914 Lieutenant-Colonel Swinton, who was then acting as 'Eye-Witness' with the British Army, prepared a propaganda leaflet (above) with the aid of Lord Northcliffe's Paris Daily Mail organisation, and distributed it by aeroplane among the German troops.

"But," says Sir Campbell Stuart, "the Army chiefs at that time did not show any enthusiasm for the innovation, and Colonel Swinton was unable to proceed with the project." General Swinton paid the cost of printing out of his own pocket and recovered this from the Army authorities later.

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