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Random PSYOP leaflet - News for the Troops, December 1944, No.391 - Final victory


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PsyWar Leaflet Archive

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EH.273, Warnung Großbritannien an das deutsche Volk

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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Warning - A Message from Great Britain
Conflict Language/s
World War II German
Production Agency Year Pages Size
E.H./S.O.1 1939 2 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
Printer/s Date of First Print-run
Total Number of Leaflets Printed Total Number of Leaflets Pulped
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
03/04 September 1939 08/09 September 1939 7,668,000

This was the first aerial propaganda leaflet distributed at the outbreak of WWII.


DateQuantity DroppedTarget/s
03/04 September 19395,400,000Bremen, Hamburg, Ruhr
04/05 September 19391,548,000Ruhr
08/09 September 1939720,000Hanover - Brunswick

Total number of leaflets disseminated by Aircraft: 7,668,000

GRAND TOTAL: 7,668,000




A Message from Great Britain

German men and women,

The Government of the Reich have with cold deliberation forced war upon Great Britain. They have done so knowing that it must involve mankind in a calamity worse than that of 1914. The assurance of peaceful intentions the Führer gave to you and to the world in April have proved as worthless as his words at the Sportpalast last September when he said:- "We have no more territorial claims to make in Europe".

Never has Government ordered subjects to their deaths with less excuse. This war is utterly unnecessary. Germany was in no way threatened or deprived of justice. Was she not allowed to re-enter the Rhineland, to achieve the Anschluss, and to take back the Sudaten Germans in peace? Neither we nor any other nation would have sought to limit her advance, so long as she did not violate independent non-German peoples.

Every German ambition - just to others - might have been satisfied through friendly negotiation.



!!! WARNING !!!

- Page 2 -

President Roosevelt offered you both peace with honour and the prospect of prosperity. Instead your rulers have condemned you to the massacre, miseries and privations of a war they cannot even hope to win.

It is not us, but you they have deceived. For years their iron censorship has kept from you truths that even uncivilised peoples know. It has imprisoned your minds in, as it were, a concentration camp. Otherwise they would not have dared to misrepresent the combination of peaceful peoples to secure peace as hostile encirclement. We had no enmity against you, the German people.

This censorship has also concealed from you that you have not the means to sustain protracted warfare. Despite crushing taxation you are on the verge of bankruptcy. Our resources and those of our allies in men, arms, and supplies are immense. We are too strong to break by blows, and we could wear you down inexorably.

You, the German people, can if you will, insist on peace at any time. We also desire peace and are prepared to conclude it with any peace-loving Government in Germany.

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