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EH.458, 2 x Neuordnung / Der achte Hitlerwinter

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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Two times New Order / The Eighth Hitler-Winter
Conflict Language/s
World War II German
Production Agency Year Pages Size
E.H./S.O.1 1940 2 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
Printer/s Date of First Print-run
Total Number of Leaflets Printed Total Number of Leaflets Pulped
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
21/22 December 1940 08/09 January 1941 136,500



(Literally: "Two times New Order")


Darre states: "If a few French towns have to suffer from hunger in the coming winter, they themselves are to blame for it".

The Deutsche Volkswirt states: "If occupied Holland is to supply Germany with food, the standard of living in Holland will have to be lowered".

Ley states: "After the war every new house in Germany will have a bomb-proof air-raid shelter".

The Reich Ministry of Economics states: "The existing system of rations will also have to remain in force for a further year after the end of the war, possibly even for many more years…"

Hitler's "New Order" means enslavement, plundering and hunger.


Churchill announced in the Commons: "We shall do our best to encourage the building up of reserves of food all over the world so that there will always be held up before the eyes of the peoples of Europe, including – I say it deliberately – the German and Austrian peoples, the certainty that the shattering of the Nazi power will bring to them all immediate food, freedom and peace".

Since then a British ministerial committee to which, among others, the Labour Ministers Greenwood and Dalton belong, has already begun work on preparations for the storage of enormous reserves of food. The Committee is working in the closest collaboration with all parts of the British Empire, with the United States and the colonies of Free France as well as of Holland and Belgium.

England's victory brings freedom, peace and bread.


28th October:
Italian attack on Greece.
3rd & 4th November:
British troops land in Greece and Crete.
6th November:
Greek counter-attack starts.
9th November:
Italian Third Alpine Division surrounded and wiped out in the Pindos mountains.
12th November:
British planes bomb the Italian battle-fleet in Taranto harbour – 3 battleships (out of six), 2 cruisers and 2 auxiliary vessels put out of action.
15th November:
Greeks advance across Albanian border.
18th November:
Big speech by Mussolini – "I'll break Greece's back!"
20th November:
Italian front broken. Greeks occupy Koritza.
24th & 25th November:
Greeks occupy Moskopol and Komispol. 8,500 Italian captured. More British troops land.
27th November:
English Mediterranean Fleet attacks Italian fleet, which flees. Italian battleship hit by torpedo, Italian cruiser set on fire, three destroyers seriously damaged, three other cruisers successfully bombed by British planes.
30th November:
Pogradets stormed; disorderly Italian retreat.
3rd December:
Five thousand Italians surrender.
4th December:
Italians evacuate Santi Quaranta, Argyrokastro, Premeti.
6th December:
Marshal Badoglio resigns.
7th December:
Resignation of Naval Chief of Staff Admiral Cavagnari, his deputy Vice-Admiral Somigli, Fleet Commander, Vice-Admiral Bacci and General de Vecchi, Governor of the Dodecanese. Resignation of Marshal Graziani not accepted.
9th December:
British attack in the Libyan desert; 4,000 Italians captured.
10th December:
Greeks advance along coast; Italians evacuate Koliyra and Ochrida coastal region.
11th December:
Three Italian divisions surrounded in Libyan desert.
13th December:
Thirty-five thousand Italians captured, enormous captures of material.




Command of the Sea

Molotov was in Berlin the day after the British victory at Taranto, where half the Italian fleet was put out of action in its own harbour by a form of attack employed for the first time in the history of war. That day the Moscow paper Trud stated: "All the trump cards of the Greek strategical situation are now in English hands. The whole Mediterranean situation is radically altered. The reinforcement of the British armies in the Near East, the British landing on Crete, the arrival of units of the British Fleet and the Air Force in and around Greece, have fundamentally altered the balance of power in this area". The organ of the Soviet Army (The Red Star) stated on November 19: "The Italians counted on a quick victory and rapid occupation of Greece, but today it is already plain that the Italian High Command miscalculated",

The German "Command of the Air"

On August 11th the German Luftwaffe began its mass offensive against England's civil population. And on August 20th readers of the Angriff could see that "The way to England lies open; Germany has the mastery of the air!" – The author of this was that great specialist in air warfare Dr. Robert Ley; and in fact he'd heard it from Hitler and Goering. But things turned out differently.

Aeroplanes lost over England


German Machines

British Machines

11 - 17 August

18 - 24 August

25 - 31 August

1 - 7 September

8 - 14 September

15 - 21 September

22 - 28 September

29 September - 5 October

6 - 12 October

13 - 19 October

20 - 26 October

27 October - 2 November

3 - 9 November

10 - 16 November

17 - 23 November

24 - 30 November

1 - 7 December

8 - 15 December





































11 August – 15 December




In the same period the German Luftwaffe lost 6,885 airmen, the RAF only 349.

From the Meuse to the Memel

…England's bombers strike home! In September-October-November the RAF carried out systematic attacks on military objectives in over 200 German towns. Among them were Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel, Essen, Munich, Dresden, Danzig, etc. Arms and munitions factories, factories of the heavy industries, railway yards, docks, flying fields, oil and petrol plants, power houses, etc. were in some cases wrecked or paralysed, in others seriously damaged.

According to estimates of neutral experts the productive capacity of the German war industry throughout the Reich has fallen by twenty percent as a result of these attacks; in the Ruhr and Rhineland the drop in production is considerably more.

Herman Goering said on August 9th 1939 in Essen: "We will not deliver up the Ruhr to a single bomb from enemy airmen!" (Westdeutscher Beobachter of August 10th 1939).

US Aeroplanes for England

Roosevelt's first act after his re-election: the promise of the delivery of half the total American war production, including consignment of vast numbers of aeroplanes, to England.

At the same time the first Flying Fortresses, whose flying range and bomb load far exceed anything previously existing, were delivered to England.

Fighters for Freedom

Report in the Brüsseler Zeitung: "Telephone cable in the Menin district destroyed; 5,000 francs reward for information leading to arrest"; "German field telephone lines in Antwerp destroyed. The offenders are threatened with the severest punishment". "Serious maltreatment of a policeman in Antwerp; he tried to arrest three men who were wrecking a German army car". "Big (anti-German) demonstrations on the anniversary of Belgian liberation from the German yoke (November 11, 1918). Numerous arrests". "For composing and distributing anti-German leaflets and inciting demonstrations on the same Belgian day of celebration Andre Christophe Decade and Roger Lejour sentenced by the German war tribunal of Ghent to six years' hard labour". Etc., etc. See also Sydsvenska Dagbladet: "Anti-German attitude of the Belgian people. Passive resistance and sabotage in Belgium".

Similar reports from the other eight "protectorates": from Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, France, Rumania.

Destruction of Capitalist Parasitism

In the course of recent week's negotiations between directorates of French heavy industries and German heavy industries under Goering's patronage. French negotiators: de Wendel and Sauvaire; German representatives: Röchlin, Bücher, personal agent of Goering, representative of United Steel (Vereinigten Stahlwerke) and Hermann Goering factories. "Brotherly cooperation" of German-French bankers and monopoly capitalists. North of France factories, coal and iron industries and steel works, all French mining property and metal industry shares belonging to de Wendel are to be transferred immediately to Goering and his friends; in return for which de Wendel receives from Goering, as a first instalment, shares in German concerns to a value of 50 million marks; further payments provided for. Thus the old and new German plutocrats, the heavy industrialists of the period before the Nazi seizure of power, as well as the party bosses added to them since 1933 as business directors, enrich themselves under Goering's direction on the blood spilt in France; the French capitalists profit from the French defeat.

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