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Random PSYOP leaflet - Colonel Wilck


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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Conflict Language/s
World War II Italian
Production Agency Year Pages Size
E.H./S.O.1 1940 2 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
23/24 November 1940 23/24 November 1940 90,000


DateQuantity DroppedTarget/s
23/24 November 194090,000Turin

Total number of leaflets disseminated by Aircraft: 90,000




[Photograph of an Italian battleship]

One of the two latest battleships of the Littorio class of 35,000 tons possessed by Italy has been struck by aerial torpedoes of the Fleet Air Arm and put out of action in the Port of Taranto, together with two other battleships of the Conte di Cavour class of 23,000 tons.



Mussolini has attacked in cowardly fashion the little and courageous Greek nation. England has promised to give her all the aid in her power. These promises have provoked laughter amongst the Fascist scribes. Now it is we who are laughing.

Three battleships and two Italian cruisers have been very severely damaged and put out of action in the Port of Taranto.

Transport vessels loaded with supplies and munitions have been sunk in the Straits of Otranto.

The bases of Naples, Brindisi, Valona and Durazzo are being bombed without respite by British machines.

Thanks to the infamous attack of Mussolini on Greece, the British forces can now make use of the Greek islands as bases for attacking with ever-growing intensity important military objectives in Italy.

The Italian forces which imagined that they were going to have a walkover in Greece have butted up against a very tenacious resistance and have already suffered heavy losses.

In North Africa Graziani is still in the process of “consolidating his positions”, which, after two months of consolidation, must have acquired incredible solidity.

Sooner or later a man’s crimes will find him out.

The war is going badly for Mussolini!




[Photograph of Italian fighter]

13 Italian machines brought down in as many minutes on the 11th November. Here is one of these machines near Orford, Suffolk. It is an antiquated Fiat biplane, with a maximum speed of 430 kilometres an hour and armed with two machine-guns, in comparison with the speed of 536 kilometres an hour and eight machine-guns of the Hurricanes.


After having lost thousands of machines and pilots in his unfruitful attacks upon England, Hitler has ordered Italian airmen to sacrifice themselves for the destinies of Greater Germany.

For several weeks past, Italian machines by far inferior to the British have been dashing themselves to pieces against the British defences. Numbers of these machines have been brought down, both by the British fighters and by anti-aircraft guns.

Here are some of the unfortunate airmen of the Royal (Italian) Air Force who, piloting inferior machines in hostile skies, have been easily brought down by the highly expert pilots of the Hurricanes and Spitfires.

How long will you allow this useless massacre to continue for the sole benefit of Germany?

The war is going badly for Mussolini!

[Photograph of Italian Prisoners of War]

Some of the airmen brought down by the RAF on the English coasts arrive in London.

Counting from the top:

i) 2nd Lt Pietro Appiani, Sassari;

ii) Sgt Pilot Pietro Salvadori, Florence;

iii) Sgt Major Antonion Lazzari, Dezza (Lucca);

iv) Air Gunner Elvino Cerrosi, Casina (Reggio Emilia);

v) Airman Mario Domenico Pensa, Lodi.

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