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WB.07, Wolkiger Beobachter, Nr 7

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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Cloudy Observer, No. 7
Conflict Language/s
World War II German
Production Agency Year Pages Size
E.H./S.O.1 1940 4 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
29/01 March 1940 06/07 April 1940 2,209,000
First Dissemination by Balloon Last Dissemination by Balloon Total No. Dropped by Balloon
11/12 Mar 1940 26/27 Mar 1940 2,625

(PAGE 1)

Air Mail Edition

Cloudy Observer, No. 7

In the Third Reich.

The Prison                  The Factory                The Kitchen.

"Britain is resolved that freedom shall prevail. It is because tyranny and intimidation have sought to prevail over freedom that Britain has entered the war."

"Until Britain is satisfied that freedom is safe she will continue to fight to the utmost of her strength, and of the strength of her Empire."

With these words Mr. Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister concluded his speech at Birmingham on February 24.

"Britain", he said, "does not covet anyone else's territory. She is fighting to abolish the spirit of militarism and the accumulation of armaments, which is pauperising all Europe, and, not least, Germany herself. Only by its abolition can Europe obtain the security it needs and the nations of Europe be saved from bankruptcy and ruin."


The Proscribed Germany

"Under the present German Government there can be no security for the future."

"The elements in Germany who are ready to co-operate in rebuilding Europe are ruthlessly proscribed. The nation is cut off from contact even with neutral opinion, and its rulers have repeatedly shown that they cannot be trusted to keep their word either to foreign governments or to their own."

"It is therefore for Germany to take the next step, and to show that she has once and for all abandoned the thesis that Might is Right.

"When she is ready to give reliable proof of her goodwill she will not find others lacking in the will to help her to overcome the economic conditions that will accompany the transition from war to peace."

"Britain", declared Mr. Chamberlain, "has no reason to fear the result of the struggle however long it may last."


Australian and New Zealand troops have arrived in Egypt and Palestine to form part of the Allied forces under General Weygand.

Great Britain has sent to Finland 150 aircraft and a considerable quantity of other war material. British volunteers are also proceeding to Finland.
British aeroplanes undertook reconnaissance flights over Austria on February 22-23 and over Bohemia on February 23-24.

Out of 9,000 Allied and neutral vessels which have sailed in convoy only two tenths of one per cent have been lost.

At the request of the German Government, proceedings have been opened in Holland against Baron Felix von Papen, cousin of the German Ambassador at Angora, for a book of his on German concentration camps.

(PAGE 2)

Are the Nazis paid by Moscow?

(facsimile of part of front page of the Volkszeitung, Berlin, 13.9.30)

In Germany

Since February 1939 no German Worker may change his employment or his residence without the special permission of the Labour Office. Any worker who changes his job or firm without permission can be punished with heavy terms of imprisonment. Even if he is granted permission to change his job, he cannot ask for, or take a wage higher than he earned before.


In Russia

No worker can obtain employment without a passport or change his employment without a visa affixed to the passport. The visa is nearly always refused, and the passport can at any time be taken away from the worker. If he tries to change his employment without a visa, not only does the worker lose his job, but he has to leave his home within ten days and move to a distance of 100 kilometres from a large town.


A German Diplomatist in the Finnish Army

Herr Otto von Zwehl, commercial attaché at the German Legation in Helsinki, and correspondent of the German News Agency, has joined the Finnish Army as a volunteer.

Herr von Zwehl's messages on the Finnish war, messages which he considered sincere and impartial had not been used by his agency. Sometimes he found that messages were worked up in Berlin, falsely dated Helsinki, and attributed to his name. After fruitless protests he decided to resign his posts.


"The Germans will come to our Aid."

The Swedish newspaper Stockholm's Tidningen reports that Russian loud speakers on the Finnish front have been blaring forth the following message:

"Finns, if you do not surrender within forty-eight hours and hand over your weapons to us, the Germans will come to our aid and destroy you."


Baltic Food Supplies for Russia.

The Swiss newspaper, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, writes:

"It is reported from Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) that several trains with food stuffs are daily leaving Estonia in the direction of Leningrad. Lithuania and Latvia are also supplying agricultural produce to Russia.

"The Baltic States used to supply Russia with foodstuffs before, but these supplies have increased since the outbreak of the Russo-Finnish war. The increase has been to the detriment of Germany, who does not receive the quantities expected from the Baltic States."

(Through her new friendship with Germany, Russia obtained increased influence in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.)


(PAGE 3)


For every 1,000 tons of British cargo that are sunk by German torpedo or mine, 110,000 tons are brought safely into British ports. The above drawing shows the two figures in their exact proportion.

In all neutral states, and in particular in the Scandinavian countries, anger is growing at the way in which their vessels are being bombed by German aeroplanes or sunk by German submarines or mines.

The neutral Press is clamouring for action. Here are some examples of what it is saying:

"Neutrals will be compelled to lower their exports to Germany, Such action by all neutrals together would carry weight."

(Nya Dagligt Allehanda, Stockholm)

"Neutral navigation being menaced with destruction, its interest is now to see British mastery of the seas continue to increase, and also the greatest number of German submarines sunk, as quickly as possible. Is this really what Berlin wants?

(Peuple, Brussels)

"Germany has apparently forgotten the lesson of 1914 -1918: the submarine weapon can be deadly for the employer."

(Voeruit, Brussels)

It is announced in Moscow that an agreement has been reached between Russia and Germany for a common "Godless" front.

The following details of the agreement were recently reported in the Konsomolskaya Pravda, the official organ of the Konsomol:

"On August 23 an agreement was signed between the U.S.S.R. and Germany with regard to combating Christian ideology, which shows itself hostile to both States.

"Both States have discussed the different measures to be taken, and have decided to exchange information with regard to the question concerned.

"Anti-religious propaganda will be continued by the "Atheist's League" and practical measures will be undertaken by the Soviet Union and Germany."


(PAGE 4)

"Sire, give us freedom of speech!"

(facsimile reproduction from an article in the Danziger Vorposten on a performance of Schiller's Don Carlos in Danzig)

German aeroplanes have taken to bombing unarmed merchant ships and fishing boats in the North Sea, and even to machine-gunning their crews.

"The bombing of unarmed merchant ships and fishing boats from the air, followed by machine-gunning of the crews at elevations which make it clear that there can be no doubt as to their identity, are now too familiar. Such acts of pure gangsterism are not war but murder, and can have little, if any, effect on the outcome of the war. The horror and disgust which they incite in the minds of decent peoples only makes Britain the more resolved to carry on the struggle."

Mr. Chamberlain.

"The German airman does not discriminate between British or Neutral shipping. One can mark the depth of infamy to which the German Air Force has fallen when its airmen are employed to machine-gun and bomb helpless fishermen, and to continue to attack the men struggling for their lives in the icy seas. It is astonishing that the German High Command seeks to condone these atrocities and authorise attacks on lightships and the shelling of the men who man them."

Sir Kingsley Wood.


A Voice from America

"If the Germans are a nation of have-nots it is because they wasted their substance building up the war machine, which they can neither eat nor wear, which will not shelter them. Building up a big army and fortifying the Rhineland may have satisfied the vanity of their political leaders, but it did not put food into the stomachs of the German people, did not clothe them, did not bring them an era of prosperity, but it did eventually bring them into another war. They would have been infinitely better off working for what they wanted instead of trying to rob their neighbours."

The Denver Post.

From England - To Relatives and Friends

…The names of some 21 prisoners are given.


Two Voices

"I cannot but see in England the personification of incompetence and cowardice. Once the real antagonist rises England is lost. This time her antagonist is the Germany of Adolf Hitler, the most terrible enemy that England has ever encountered. That is why England will be destroyed."

Dr. Ley, in The Angriff.

"In Germany the schools and newspapers described the English as cowards. Unfortunately the surprise of my comrades was great when they found themselves face to face with the Tommies in Flanders. As soon as the German soldiers realised what a serious enemy the Englishman was he saw that he had been deceived by our propaganda.

Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, p.158.

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