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Random PSYOP leaflet - S.H.A.E.F. Newspaper, No. 16, 26 April 1945 - BERLIN IS SURROUNDED


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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Two Promises
Conflict Language/s
World War II German
Production Agency Year Pages Size
E.H./S.O.1 1941 2 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
10/11 October 1941 24/25 October 1941



Hitler promises you:

Germanic Europe, under the mastery of the German master-nation; living-space in devastated Russia, i.e. transplantation for millions of German families; international economic space in the Middle East and in Africa for the German industrialists.

Hitler demands of you:

Endurance, uncomplaining sacrifice in the war of annihilation against England, Russian, America.

England, Russia, America promise you:

1. A liberated Europe, in which the German nation shall live on equal terms and at peace with all other nations, great or small.

2. Equal rights, for victor and vanquished, to free access to the raw materials of the world; work and social security for all.

3. Liberation from war and the danger of war.

England, Russia, America demand:

The destruction of the Hitlerite War Machine, and the rendering harmless of the men behind it.

You have the choice!




"If the people gets to know of this, we're finished!"

THE ROOSEVELT-CHURCHILL DECLARATION offers the German people a decent peace.

Germany could have such a peace tomorrow, were it not for Hitler and his accomplices, who live only by war and conquest: the Party Bosses, the Military Caste, and the Big Industrialists, all of whom stand behind Hitler's War Machine.

England, Russia, and America will see to it that these men disappear, no matter how long it takes. The length of the war, therefore, depends on whether the three World Powers get rid of them, or whether the German people itself does so.

As long as these men are there, you will have war: more air raids, more killed, more misery. Without them you can have peace and social security, on equal terms with other nations.

You have the choice!

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