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EH(F).117, Pourquoi cette photo VOUS regarde

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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Why this picture concerns you
Conflict Language/s
World War II French
Production Agency Year Pages Size
E.H./S.O.1 1941 2 21.5 cm x 13.5 cm
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
29/30 October 1941 25/26 March 1942




[Photograph of tanks captured by the Russians on the Eastern Front]


Overleaf: The Facts





[Photograph of tanks captured by the Russians on the Eastern Front]


At the beginning of the Russian campaign, the German army disposed of 30,000 tanks, according to the information given by Lord Beaverbrook.

This equipment included not only German material proper, but, also, all the material which Germany had been able to seize from the countries occupied by her.

Look at the photograph at the back of this leaflet, it shows the German army tanks which have been taken by the Russians.

They are not German tanks, but French tanks. Examine carefully, if you know about French war material, their running-gear, with its triple set of shock-absorbers. They are Renault 35 tanks of the French army.

These tanks, which the Germans are using today against Russia, were either captured from the French army before the Armistice, or manufactured, since then, in French factories under German control. They represent for Hitler, the most precious fruits of the “collaboration”.

As with the machines, so does Germany impose a human levy on all Europe, for the furtherance of her war of aggression.

The unexpected resistance of Russia and the ensuing losses of the German army, threaten Hitler, for the first time, with a shortage of man-power. Lately, he has been seeking reinforcements everywhere.

Of the Italians, he demands 1,000,000 men. Rumania gives him 250,000. Hungary, Bulgaria are both ordered to send their contingents to the Russian front.

In Paris, the Nazis are doing everything to ensure that French youth will also be enrolled under the pretext of a so-called “anti-Communist crusade”. Spain, Portugal, neutral countries whose regimes are more or less akin to fascism, are invited to send “volunteers”.

By every means Germany seeks to obtain from Europe, the equipment and the men which she needs in a venture which is beyond her own resources.

This venture, although carried out in successive stages, is not merely the enslavement of one country or another. It is the conquest of the whole of Europe, to begin with, and the domination of the world afterwards.

The Russians themselves acknowledge that the defence of their country only represents a fraction of the world struggle, “Russia”, said the Moscow radio, “is only part of a gigantic front stretching from Iceland to Persia, from Spitsbergen to Tobruk.”

To carry the German venture out successfully, all means are good and nearly all the peoples of Europe, as Hitler declared in his last speech, have been placed in the service of the Nazi State.

To resist it, all forces must be mobilised and the peoples who do not accept the German domination have a part to play.

The French workers who manufactured the tanks in our photograph, were working, unknowingly, for Germany.

The French workers who are working now, not only in the war industries, but in any industry under German orders, are contributing, directly or indirectly, to Germany’s war potential.

Every machine manufactured in Occupied France, be it a tank, an engine, an agricultural machine, or the most ordinary tool, may be used directly by the German army or make possible the freeing of German machines or labour for Hitler’s war industry.

England and America are making gigantic efforts to deliver material to the Russians. They are succeeding in this in accordance with the plans laid out in Moscow, plans which cover not only the battle now in progress, but also the offensive which - whatever Hitler may say - Russia will launch next year.

To equal Germany - Lord Beaverbrook has said it - British workers must build 30,000 tanks. But, if French workers, at the same time, build 10,000 tanks, the 30,000 tanks to be built in England will have to be 40,000.

Thus, the industrial effort, or the lack of it, in an occupied country, directly affects the effort required in a free country.

All that we, British and Americans, are doing for Russia is hastening the day of your liberation. All that you do for the Germans, puts that day further back whilst making our task heavier.

Therefore, each time you are asked to increase your output, think of the French tanks of the German army. Do not hurry. Only do the minimum necessary to your material needs.

By this solidarity, passive though it may be, with those who are struggling against the Nazi domination of Europe, the war will be shortened and the day of liberation brought nearer.

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