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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Air War and Gas War
Conflict Language/s
World War II German
Production Agency Year Pages Size
P.W.E. 1942 2 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
19/20 May 1942 01/02 June 1942 312,000

Error in Complete Index.


DateQuantity DroppedTarget/s
19/20 May 19426,000Unknown (aircraft missing)
19/20 May 194245,000Aachen
19/20 May 194287,000Darmstadt
19/20 May 194254,000Mannheim-Wiesbaden area
30/31 May 1942105,000Cologne
01/02 June 194215,000Essen

Total number of leaflets disseminated by Aircraft: 312,000

GRAND TOTAL: 312,000



"Now - while the German armies will be bleeding and burning up their strength against a 2,000 mile Russian line, and when the news of casualties by hundreds of thousands is streaming back to the German Reich - now is the time to bring home to the German people the wickedness of their rulers by destroying under their very eyes the factories and seaports on which their war effort depends.

We are on Hitler's tracks now. And so is the United States. Already the Royal Air Force has set about him. The British and presently the American bombing offensive against Germany will be one of the principal features in this year's world war.
Now is the time to use our increasingly superior air strength to strike hard and continually at the home front in Germany."


"Hitler warns us solemnly that if we go on smashing up the German cities, his war factories and based, he will retaliate against our cathedrals and historic monuments. We have heard his threats before. In September 1940, when he thought he had an overwhelming air force at his command, he declared that he would "rub out" - that was the actual expression - our towns and cities.

Herr Hitler has even called into question the humanity of these grim developments of war. What a pity this conversion did not take place before he bombed Warsaw or massacred 20,000 Dutch folk in defenceless Rotterdam, or wreaked his cruel vengeance upon the open city of Belgrade. In those days he used to boast that for every ton of bombs we dropped on Germany he would drop ten times or even a hundred times as many on Britain. Those were his words and that was his belief."


"We are in a position to carry into Germany many times the tonnage of high explosives which he can send here, and this proportion will increase all the summer, all the autumn and all the winter, all the spring, all the summer, and so on.

'The mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small,' and for my part I hail it as an example of sublime and poetic justice that those who have loosed these horrors upon mankind shall now, in their own homes and persons, feel the shattering strokes of retributive justice.

We have a long list of German cities in which the vital industries of the German war machine are established. All these it will be our stern duty to deal with as we have already dealt with Lübeck, with Rostock, and half  a dozen important places."


"The Soviet Government have expressed to us the view that the Germans in the desperation of their assault may make use of poison gas against the armies and people of Russia.

We are ourselves firmly resolved not to use this odious weapon unless it is used first by the Germans. However, we have not neglected to make preparations on a formidable scale. I wish now to make it plain that we shall treat the unprovoked use of poison gas against our Russian Ally exactly as if it were used against ourselves, and if we are satisfied that this new outrage has been committed by Hitler, we will use our great and growing air superiority in the West to carry gas warfare on the largest possible scale far and wide against military objectives in Germany.

It is thus for Hitler to choose whether he wishes to add this additional horror ro aerial warfare."

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