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Random PSYOP leaflet - Trumpets of death of the Third Reich: Adolf Hitler - standard


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PsyWar Leaflet Archive

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F.12, Qui avait raison?

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(Image/s source: Crisp estate)
English Title/Description
Who was right?
Conflict Language/s
World War II French
Production Agency Year Pages Size
P.W.E. 1943 2 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
04/05 February 1943 10/11 April 1943



“The British will be turned out of Alexandria when the Italian commander decides the time is ripe.”

(Rome Radio, 1 December 1940)

“Africa is the key-theatre of this war.”

(Il Messagero, 27 December 1940)

“Armament superiority is not sufficient for deciding the fate of a battle (in Libya) when the adversary has a will of steel like that of the Italian divisions.”

(Rome Radio, 6 January 1941)

“We realise, we Germans, how vitally concerned we are in the problems of the Mediterranean because it is there that Britain will, in the long run, lose the great battle.”

(Völkischer Beobachter, 8 January 1941)

“Our troops in Africa have a well defined task: to defend Tripoli.”

(Rome Radio, 7 February 1942)

“Great Britain has never felt more strongly than she does today that the structure of her old empire is crumbling.”

(Popola di Roma, 1 July 1942)

“The result is that the Alamein position, attacked on the front and encircled on the left flank, has been broken through and that the Axis forces are inexorably pushing on towards the Nile Delta.”

(Ansaldo, 2 July 1942)

“The British have no chance of regaining the initiative (in Egypt).”

(Giornale d’Italia, 2 July 1942)

“The Anglo-Saxons have not yet completely swallowed the bitter pill which has been prepared for them by the Axis. But sooner or later they will have to do so.”

(Ansaldo, 9 July 1942)

“Today we stand a hundred kilometres from Alexandria and Cairo, and the gateway of Egypt is in our hands. We hold it with the full intention of taking action there too. We did not go there with any intention of being flung back sooner or later. In this case too, you may reply on it, we shall hold fast to what we have got.”

(Feldmarschall Rommel, 3 October 1942)



“Our armies are cutting your African Empire to pieces. They will continue to do so. We are only at the beginning of this sad story.”

(Speech to the Italian people, 23 December 1940)

“I cannot say how things will go, but one thing is certain and that is that we will fight to the best of our ability for the central Mediterranean.”

(Speech of 27 May 1941)

“We had cleared Cyrenaica of the Italians. We must now clear it of the Germans. This task will be harder. And we can not expect to carry it out immediately.”

(Speech of 27 May 1941)

“General Alexander and his brilliant lieutenant, General Montgomery, have won a glorious and moving battle in what history will know as the Battle of Egypt. Rommel’s army has been beaten; he has been routed.”

“If we have landed in Africa at the side of our American brothers in arms, it is for one reason and one reason alone: we wish to establish a springboard for opening the Second Front against Hitler and Hitlerism, to cleanse the coasts of Africa from the taint of Hitlero-Fascist tyranny, and open the Mediterranean wide to the naval and air strength of the Allies, in order to liberate the peoples of Europe from the pit and the misery in which they lie, victims of their own lack of foresight as much as of the brutality of the enemy.”

(Speech of 10 November 1942)


[Picture of Mussolini and Italian generals running along Libyan coastline.]

“Avanti Savoia!”

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