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F.73, Le Courrier de l'Air, 5 juillet 1944

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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Le Courrier de l'Air, 5 July 1944
Conflict Language/s
World War II French
Production Agency Year Pages Size
P.W.E. 1944 4 21.5 cm x 26.5 cm
Printer/s Date of First Print-run
Sun Engraving 8 July 1944
Total Number of Leaflets Printed Total Number of Leaflets Pulped
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
10/11 July 1944 06/07 August 1944

(PAGE 1)


Brought by Aircraft         London, 5th July, 1944



On the 27th June, 1944, American forces commanded by Major-General Collins, entered Cherbourg.

With the exception of a few forts, the Germans commanded by Lieutenant-General Carl von Schlieben, laid down their arms.

So it was that the second phase of the Allied landing on Norman soil came to an end; the liberation of Cherbourg, the first large French town to be freed from the German yoke, offers the Allies a base whose full importance will be felt as soon as the work of re-equipping is finished. The experience acquired in North Africa allows one to believe that they will be speedily carried out.

The liberation of Cherbourg constitutes the final point of a brilliant manoeuvre by American troops.

Briefly, the development of the battle was as follows:

First, the Americans, on a narrow front, cut the base of the Cherbourg peninsula between Carenton and Barneville.

Contrary to the expectations of the Allied High Command, the Germans did not succeed in counter-attacking effectively against the American wedge, either in the north or in the south.

In the north, a single counter-attack was launched, but it was stemmed by the artillery.

In the south where, on the map, the situation was eminently favourable for a decisive movement by Rommel, nothing of the kind was attempted.

To understand this default of Rommel, the situation in the British sector between Caumont and Caen when the Americans launched the attack on Cherbourg, must be examined.

Powerful armoured forces set in action by General Montgomery to the south-east of the Allied bridgehead, detained four German armoured divisions in a static, defensive battle.

Rommel, hard pressed, knowing that a rupture of his front in this sector would have incalculable consequences, was forced to choose the lesser of two evils.

Assigning to the greater part of his available armour the role of holding up our forces between Caen and Caumont, he was not able seriously to hinder the American deployment in the Cherbourg peninsula.

Mr. Stimson, American War Minister, stated that the American victory in the Cherbourg peninsula was due to a great extent to the operations carried out by the British and Canadians in the Caumont-Caen sector.

Captions to photographs:

The white flag replaces the Swastika. General von Schlieben emerges from his underground headquarters.

Von Schlieben arrives at General Collins' HQ.


(PAGE 2)


Captions to photographs:

Three of the four thousand Germans who surrendered to the Americans.

At Valognes a Frenchman is destroying the Swastika at the entrance of the HQ of the Todt organisation.

A worthy representative of the Gestapo in the hands of the Allies.


(PAGE 3)


Captions to photographs:

The Mayor of Cherbourg welcomes General Collins.

Salute is given while the National Anthem is being played.

V for Victory.

French ATS have landed in France to help their fellow countrymen.


(PAGE 4)



Caption to photograph:

Ceremony in front of the Town Hall; the Mayor gives a speech of welcome.

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