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G.10, Die Wahrheit über Korsun

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English Title/Description
The Truth About Korsun
Conflict Language/s
World War II German
Production Agency Year Pages Size
P.W.E. 1944 2 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
Printer/s Date of First Print-run
Total Number of Leaflets Printed Total Number of Leaflets Pulped
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
01/02 March 1944 26/27 March 1944


10 German divisions destroyed – 55,000 dead, 18,000 prisoners – great quantities of booty – only 2,000 – 3,000 men escaped.

Since the 3rd of February, 1944, 10 divisions of the German 8th Army were encircled at Korsun in the Dnjepr bend. The Russians began the destructive blow after their demand for capitulation on February 8th had been refused on Hitler’s definite order. In the course of this operation seven of the ten encircled divisions tried to break out on the night of February 17th, and were almost entirely wiped out in the attempt.

Including the high-ranking officers who were previously flown out of the trap by aeroplane, about 2,000 – 3,000 men escaped. More than 55,000 corpses of German soldiers were counted on the battlefield; among them was the corpse of the General in Command of the 11th Army Corps, General of Artillery Stemmermann. The Russians took 18,200 prisoners. All the equipment of the 10 divisions was captured or destroyed, including 985 guns and 271 tanks.

The High Command concealed the encirclement of these 10 divisions for more than two weeks. Only after this encirclement had been made known in Germany by leaflets and a day after the Russians officially announced the result of the battle of destruction, did the High Command feel obliged to admit that “a German battle formation” had been encircled three weeks previously. At the same time they maintained that this “battle formation” had successfully broken out of the trap. They wisely avoided identifying the “battle formation” more closely. Actually, the following ten divisions were encircled:

88 Infantry Division (from Bavaria) under Colonel Bermann,

82 Infantry Division (from Frankfurt am Main) under Major-General Heine,

167 Infantry Division (from Bavaria) under Lt.-General Trierberg,

168 Infantry Division (from Silesia) under Major-General Schmid-Hommer,

57 Infantry Division (from Bad Reichenhall) under Major-General Darlitz,

332 Infantry Division (from Silesia) under Lt.-General Scheffer,

213 “Communications” Division under General Goeschen,

112 Infantry Division (from Darmstadt) under General Lieb,

SS-Panzer Division “Viking” under SS-Gruppenführer General Gille,

SS-Brigade (motorised) “Wallonia” under Major Lippert.

Of these eleven units the first seven were entirely destroyed before the attempt to break out on the 17th February. The attempt to break out was only undertaken by the remnants of the 72nd and 112nd Infantry Divisions, the SS.-Panzer Division “Viking” and the SS.-Brigade “Wallonia”. These divisions were also destroyed to a large extent in the attempt.

The truth is that Hitler, as at Stalingrad, condemned ten German divisions to resist to the last man in a hopeless position. Thus he condemned them to death.

The assertion of the “freeing” of the encircled battle formation represents one vast manoeuvre of lies by the OKW, which everyone who has either relatives or acquaintances in the above-named units can personally expose.



Why does the OKW lie?

The answer is clear: because Germany’s position is desperate.

Severe defeats of the Army Group North. Panic flight of German soldiers from the threatened Baltic countries. The fortress of Pleskau threatened. The 18th Army being driven back with heavy losses.

In the centre of the Eastern Front, further Russian advances into Poland. In the south, Manstein’s Army Group – severely weakened through the loss of the ten divisions of his 8th Army annihilated at Korsun – with its 6th Army badly battered, is in great danger.

For on the Russian side not only have the divisions become free which up to now surrounded the Korsun trap, but between Zaphoroje and the mouth of the Dnjepr stands, ready to strike, the fresh Army of General Tolbuhkin, which was not involved in the latest severe fighting.

In such a situation mere denials of single catastrophes are no longer believed. The catastrophe of Korsun therefore had to be turned into a victory.

The position is the same in the air war. Nearly 24 million kilos of bombs have fallen on Berlin between November 1943 and the middle of March 1944. In the 48 hours of the 20th and 21st February, 1944, in day and night attacks, 9,000,000 kilos of bombs were dropped on industrial centres and aeroplane factories.

In its despair, the OKW has had to invent “mass attacks” on London; out of 50, 60 or 70 German machines the OKW makes 750 – 900 planes.

Some lies are so fantastic that they only go to show up how desperate is he who tells them. The more desperate the position, the more brazen the lie.

The OKW lies about the so-called liberation of the destroyed ten divisions and the so-called “mass-attacks” on London are the clearest expression of despair that sees no way out.

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