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G.18, Ohne die Partei kein Krieg

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(Image/s source:
English Title/Description
Without the Party - No War, No. 2
Conflict Language/s
World War II German
Production Agency Year Pages Size
P.W.E. 1944 2 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm
Printer/s Date of First Print-run
Odhams 26 Apr 1944
Total Number of Leaflets Printed Total Number of Leaflets Pulped
First Dissemination by Aircraft Last Dissemination by Aircraft Total No. Dropped by Aircraft
24/25 May 1944 23/24 September 1944



“...Or do you think that Stresemann, or Marx, or any one of these Gentlemen, Wirth, Bauer, Ebert, Scheidemann, would have declared war on the world? Then they could not have made anyone believe it, because they did not believe it themselves!”

That is what Hitler himself said in the Berlin Sport-Palast on 30th January, 1942. Then he was still proud that his Party had declared war on the world.

The world wanted the war just as little as the statesmen of the German Republic. Germany was disarmed for 14 years. No country dreamt of attacking her. Even when Germany began to re-arm, no country could bring itself to wage a preventative war.

But the Nazi Party wanted war. It had carefully prepared for war for years. It began aggression in cold blood, as soon as it had finished its preparations.

Nazism means war. For this reason the Nazi Party must disappear, before there can be peace. If Germany wants to be a country with whom one could negotiate, she must over-throw the Nazi Party.

“The British Government will never negotiate with Hitler or with any representative of the Nazi regime.”






Adolf Hitler, 1st September, 1939:

“I have been working on the reconstruction of the German Army for more than six years. In this period over 90 milliard marks have been spent on the building of our Wehrmacht. Our armed forces are today the best in the world and are beyond any comparison with those of 1914.”


Adolf Hitler, 8th November, 1939:

“We have now built up a Wehrmacht – I can easily tell you that today – which is like no other in the world.”


Adolf Hitler, 30th January, 1940:

“In 1934 I began re-aiming on a vast scale.
In 1935 I introduced general conscription.
In 1936 I occupied the Rhineland.
In 1937 the Four Year Plan began to operate.
In 1938 Austria was incorporated into the Reich and also the Sudetenland.
In 1939 we began to protect the Reich against its enemies which meanwhile had unmasked themselves.”


Adolf Hitler, 24th February, 1940:

“You, my old Party comrades will believe me without question that I have now made full use of the time. I have worked in the last five months as much as any man can work. Even that was relatively easy. For one only had to set in motion the machine that we had already created.”


Adolf Hitler, 27th February, 1940:

“I have armed. For years I have not spoken about it. I didn’t want to excite the others unnecessarily.”


Adolf Hitler, 19th July 1940:

“Thanks to the work of the Reich Marshal, the change of German economy to an independent war economy had already been completed in peace.”


Adolf Hitler, 10th October, 1939:

“Out of war we have come. Out of war has arisen our ideology. And in war, if necessary, we shall prove ourselves.”


“The militarists in Berlin and Tokyo started this war, but the massed, angered forces of common humanity will finish it.”

Roosevelt, 1.6.42

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