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Random PSYOP leaflet - The most representative governing body in Iraqi's history…


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T3 Propaganda Leaflet Bomb

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The T3 leaflet bomb was converted from the American M-26 Hooded Flare for use by both British and American fighter and fighter/bomber aircraft. Its first operational use was in July 1944. The bomb was of light metal construction and intended expressly for releasing over enemy troops or territory. In view of it's substantial nature it was felt unfavourable for distribution over friendly peoples except on the very few occasions when there was reasonable assurance that the empty containers would fall in open country. The cylinder was 50" long and 8" in diameter and could hold between 14,000 - 15,000 standard sized leaflets (8.5" x 5.25"). Bundles of leaflets were secured inside a wooden frame which was inserted into the bomb. A small explosive charge was used to eject this frame after the bombs release.

Loading propaganda leaflets into a T3 leaflet bomb

Loading propaganda leaflets into the T3 (M.26) bomb for distributing by Fighter-Bomber, 20th August 1944.

In bomber aircraft the following loadings were possible:

B.17 Fortress
30 bombs
B.24 Liberator
30+ bombs
B.25 Mitchell
12+ or 3 bombs in addition to full lethal load
B.26 Marauder
12+ or 3 bombs in addition to full lethal load



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