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Alleged NATO PSYOPS broadcast to Libyan troops loyal to Gaddafi, May 2011

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LIBYA 2011: Amateur video purportedly filmed by Libyan citizens of a NATO psychological operations radio broadcast targeted to troops still loyal to Gaddafi's regime. The video was uploaded to the internet on 21 May 2011. Its authenticity cannot be verified.

The following is a transcript made by PsyWar.Org of the English portion of the broadcast:

Child's voice: "Papa I need you. I don't want you to kill the children. I don't want you to kill other fathers. Children need their fathers. [crying...] Papa stop fighting, please come home I need you."

Announcer's voice: "Gaddafi forces in Yefren you must stop your attacks on Libyan citizens in Yefren. If you continue this aggression NATO will use force to stop you. To preserve your life and [for] your own safety you must stop fighting in and around Yefren.

"Gaddafi Army Commanders in Zintan you must stop your attacks on Libyan citizens in Zintan now. NATO will use force to stop you. If you continue to hurt innocent women and children your crimes will be prosecuted before the International Court. Your orders to kill innocent civilians are illegal and unacceptable to the world. Stop your attacks on Libyan citizens in Zintan now or NATO will use force to stop you.

"Commanders of the Gaddafi regime in and around Zintan, nobody has the right to turn their own country and the lives of their own people into a living hell. The Gaddafi regime has constantly abused its power, causing an unnecessary loss of innocent lives. It has brought cruel and unjustified suffering. If you continue with your atrocities you will be held accountable for your crimes before the International Court. Stop fighting against your own people and you will save your life."
Unknown, May 21, 2011



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